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IT Industry Council

We seek to unite tech job seekers, businesses, and education and training institutions around a collective vision to provide greater opportunity for all across the tech sector.
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Resources for starting and finding a career in tech.
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Company Message:

Welcome to the Delaware IT Industry Council! We are building a sectoral partnership of employers and training providers focused on making the First State a national leader in developing and hiring tech talent. We hope you will join us in this effort to build a strong, diverse pipeline of individuals who will make our state a leading tech hub.
Who We Are

Core Principles


To build an inclusive IT pipeline in Delaware by bringing together employers and educational institutions to develop our future workforce.


Delaware is a national leader in IT business and talent development, which improves the lives of Delaware’s residents and strongly supports a thriving Delaware IT sector.


1. Build and expand an inclusive tech talent pipeline in Delaware.

2. Create a strong tech ecosystem in Delaware.

3. Strengthen Delaware’s position and perception as a tech hub.